Are you the brand that only reaches out when you want something?

Email marketers can take some advice from Dear Abby: Don’t allow your brand communications to be one-sided. Just as a relationship needs give and take, so should your email marketing communications with your customers.

While attending the Email Evolution Conference on April 5-6, one of the key takeaways I received is that there are five levels of email marketing and only one of them is your typical one-sided promotional message.

If you ensure that your email marketing communications program includes regular messages from each of these 5 levels, you’ll keep your customers interested and engaged for years to come:

1. Foundational- Regular, predictable messages to maintain channel relationships. These include newsletters, company announcements, holiday greetings and new product alerts.
2. Informational- Create the KLT (know, like, trust) factor and progress subscribers into deeper relationships by informing, teaching and serving.
3. Promotional- Raise awareness of merchandise, products and services and encourage free trials or purchases.
4. Engaging- Reactivate, entertain or involve your subscribers with interactive content like polls, surveys, webinars, games or contests.
5. 1:1- Highly personalized messages that stimulate action at the individual level. Many are sent in response to a specific subscriber behavior, such as a welcome message, birthday, cart abandonment, expiration, thank-you or related to loyalty/frequency.

How does a highly effective email marketing program impact your revenue?
Even a modest 2% lift in revenue per subscriber delivers astronomical ROI when personalization-driven subscriber retention is a factor. Personalization leads to an 82% increase in open rates and 75% increase in click-through rates (CTR).

Email has higher conversion rates.
Email marketing is still number one compared to Search and Direct in conversion. Email has a whopping 4.29% average order conversion rate versus 3.04% for Search and only 2.93% for Direct. And adding print to an email campaign is shown to increase response rates by up to 35%!

Are you looking to beef up your email marketing communications program?
Before your program is date-worthy, make sure you develop a strategy that includes a focus on your customer, not just your seasonal promotions.