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Printer Case Study – Full-Service Printer

Printer Case Study – Full-Service Printer

AccuData helps multi-national printer increase print-to-mail orders by 20% after combining print-on-demand and list
purchasing services.


Looking for additional revenue streams, a multi-national printer that serves the small- to medium-size business market was looking for ways to integrate their digital print-on-demand and list purchase offerings. While they offered both services separately, they realized that a combined solution would not only streamline the user experience, but also drive more revenue through their list brokerage business.


After identifying AccuData as their database marketing partner, the team sat down to clarify their goals. Together, they decided to incorporate data into the company's print-on-demand system and develop a single e-commerce transaction. The system incorporated AccuData's Data On Demand™ AccuDataPipe — a customized suite of data technologies that allows companies to provide a real-time, online data buying solution for its clients while maintaining their own brand. This meant that the printer's clients could run counts and place orders without leaving its web site, and do so using its own internally-developed, fully-branded user interface. Because AccuData understood the printer's client base, the solution not only delivered a customized set of data choices, but also ensured that it was presented with an appropriate number of options to avoid overloading end users. In addition, day-to-day operations were greatly simplified by AccuData, because it seamlessly passes count and order details to the printer's web site, licenses and houses all data, manages ongoing maintenance and our client was only billed once a month with reconciliation reports.


The solution delivered significant new revenue streams to the client. In fact, within 6 months of going live with the system, the printer was receiving 20 percent more print-to-mail orders than they were completing previously. It also provided a significant value for clients who previously used the company's print services, but then needed to mail out campaigns themselves.