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Advertising Agencies

Meet your client's campaign objectives and fuel your agency's growth with database marketing and analytics solutions.

The Challenge

  • Expand the scope of your services and remain competitive
  • Become experts in database marketing without a major investment in staff or technology
  • Understand how to improve the results of clients' marketing campaigns
  • Gain a clearer view of your client's customers and prospects

The Need

  • Work with a partner who gives you both personalized service and industry expertise
  • Feel confident about the quality of your consumer and business data
  • Profile highest-value customers and prospects
  • Streamline your marketing campaigns

The Bottom Line

  • Save your clients valuable marketing dollars and increase ROI with highly-targeted campaigns
  • Implement powerful analytics and data modeling with the help of a knowledgeable partner
  • Create new revenue streams affordably
  • Get fast, personalized service

Delivering the sales leads you promised. Drop-dead due dates. Last-minute client requests. Agencies must move quickly for their clients — which is why AccuData® works so hard for you. Our expertise with the latest database management, segmentation, modeling and analytics technologies enhances your clients’ campaign ROI — and your agency’s growth. As your partner, our focus on your success is unmatched.

Advertising Agency Experts Enhance Your Offerings

For nearly 20 years, hundreds of agencies have relied on our experience and resources to target qualified buyers, integrate customer databases, segment audiences, and get campaigns to market faster and more efficiently than ever. From client demands and project requirements, to specifications and preferred work style, AccuData® professionals understand the agency-client relationship. That’s why we can make it better.

Learn how Accudata® solutions can help you build your business.

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