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Cable & Telecom

Target qualified cable & telecom buyers and reduce churn with cost-effective database marketing and analytics solutions.

The Challenge

  • Boost customer acquisition rates
  • Identify serviceable prospects
  • Decrease churn

The Need

  • Identify prospects most likely to buy your services, including Triple Play
  • Maximize ROI by targeting serviceable prospects
  • Identify valuable customers most likely to churn
  • Avoid prospecting to geographic areas where competitive service is offered

The Bottom Line

  • Target serviceable prospects who are most likely to buy from you
  • Identify which customers are at risk to churn, and if they are worth saving based on their value to your business
  • Improve overall response and retention rates

Find serviceable prospects. Increase response rates. Decrease churn. These are just some of the initiatives we help our clients with every day.

Given today’s convergence and a number of other market factors, cable & telecom providers face a highly-accelerated level of competition. There’s an extraordinary need for usable data that accurately identifies your serviceable prospects most likely to buy.

Cable & Telecom Experts That Help your Data Perform

AccuData® assures you seasoned cable & telecom industry experts that are committed to helping you use cost-effective data, mapping and analytics to accurately target qualified buyers.

The proof is in our track record. We’re proud to say that we’ve worked with many of the largest U.S. cable & telecom companies over the past 10 years to achieve their marketing goals and increase ROI.

AccuData® solutions and services are tailored to meet your specific industry marketing objectives. Our analytics tools can help you dig deep into your customer segments. Our marketer-friendly suite of database solutions can be customized to meet your specific requirements. And, our multi-source data options can reveal fresh acquisition targets. In fact, thanks to our strong relationships with the industry’s most respected data vendors, we’re able to select from over 400 data sources to make a real difference in your marketing campaigns.

By combining our best-in-class mapping, analytics and overall data expertise, AccuData® will help you achieve your goals and maximize ROI in the process.

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