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Increase fundraising results with the right support: find better-quality donors with bigger dollar contributions.

DonorFinder’s Non-Profit Experts Help You Efficiently Raise Funds

Since 2001, DonorFinder, a division of AccuData, has been a market leader in helping non-profit organizations achieve their fundraising goals. From the use of wealth scores, to data enhancement and hygiene, DonorFinder has extensive experience with a broad range of development needs.

With our DonorFinder suite of development solutions that include wealth analysis, data enhancement, hygiene and research solutions, our knowledgeable team of non-profit experts can help you through the process of determining your current donors’ and prospects’ wealth, then predict their propensity to give. We can even analyze responders and non-responders to help guide your development needs in the future.

Working with two of the nation’s top five hospitals, as well as many other leading non-profitsDonorFinder™ has a successful track record of helping organizations identify donors with the greatest capacity and propensity to donate.

Products Overview


LexisNexis® Link ID

Ensure that you remain in contact with your donors without the risk of retaining Social Security numbers in your fundraising database.


LexisNexis® Accurint

Easily access the country's most powerful database online – and cost- effectively build a detailed donor profile in just a few clicks.


Easily identify donors with the highest capacity to give by using the industry's only solution that focuses on liquid wealth – all without paying annual minimums or subscription fees.

Custom Analytics

Capture as many donations as possible by focusing fundraising efforts on donors most likely to give – and give the most.

Data Enhancement

Data Appends

Increase fundraising results by reaching the right people with the right message, and maintaining up-to-date donor records.

Data Hygiene


Produce stronger direct marketing results and receive postal discounts of up to 20%, by keeping your donor information current.

DonorFinder Batch

Quickly and easily keep track of name, address and life changes with our batch processing services and reduce your returned mail volume and expenses.

Data & List Hygiene

Maintaining the quality of your donor records helps you produce more effective fundraising campaigns and higher results.

Marketing Verification

Reduce the number of donors you lose each year by instantly keeping track of address changes and finding past donor addresses.

List Solutions

Lists and Leads

Find the exact donor data that you need to increase the results of your fundraising campaign.

Email Fundraising Services

Use cost-effective email communications to improve fundraising results, while developing your donor relationships.