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    98% of all U.S. universities and colleges are AlumniFinder clients, plus non-profit, hospital and healthcare organizations. Experience powerful data resources, analytics and database technology to boost donor results.

Non-profit organizations have their work cut out for them. Before they can even begin to focus on achieving their mission, they first need to successfully raise funds. But, finding the right individuals that are willing to donate takes time and effort. How can you efficiently reach those individuals with the highest propensity to give? You may have a good idea about the demographics of your current donors, but how do you find more like them? AlumniFinder can help you answer these questions and take the guesswork out of your development efforts.

AlumniFinder’s Non-Profit Experts Help You Efficiently Raise Funds

Working with two of the nation’s top five hospitals, as well as many other leading non-profits, AlumniFinderTM has a successful track record of helping organizations identify donors with the greatest capacity and propensity to donate. Since 2001, AlumniFinder has been a market leader in helping non-profit organizations achieve their fundraising goals. From the use of wealth scores, to data enhancement and hygiene, AlumniFinder has extensive experience with a broad range of development needs.

Using DonorFinder, AlumniFinder’s suite of development solutions that include wealth analysis, data enhancement, hygiene and research solutions, our knowledgeable team of non-profit experts can help you through the process of determining your current donors’ and prospects’ wealth, then predict their propensity to give. We can even analyze responders and non-responders to help guide your development needs in the future.

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