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Expand your prospect universe by 20% with high-quality data that produces results.

The Challenge

  • Find a large, steady stream of new, qualified customers
  • Pinpoint the precise time when to contact customers to maximize results
  • Understand how to increase marketing ROI

The Need

  • Ensure the highest level of data quality in terms of both accuracy and deliverability
  • Find a way to first identify and fill gaps found within individual data sources, then build an industry-leading data file
  • Obtain the reporting tools you need to accurately measure campaign effectiveness
  • Enhance segmentation to gain a more complete view of customers and prospects

The Bottom Line

  • Gain competitive advantage and boost campaign results by marketing to the right consumers at the right time
  • Obtain the most consumer data possible, while maintaining the highest level of accuracy
  • Spend your marketing dollars on profitable customer segments
  • Increase the relevance and timeliness of offers, thereby improving response rates and reducing customer acquisition costs

What happens when you add more qualified names to your prospect universe — and reach them exactly when they need your coverage the most? You know the answer: pure ROI magic. Partner with AccuData® and you can achieve it.

Reach better-qualified customers — and more of them

AccuData delivers more qualified prospects by ensuring you access to the industry ’s largest consumer data solution available today. SourcePLUS®, AccuData’s proprietary data technology, draws the most data available from multiple top compiled sources. In fact, AccuData has a record of delivering 20% more prospects than any other firm in the country.

Reach them more successfully

More names aren’t any advantage unless they’re accurate. AccuData ensures that your data meets the highest industry standards in terms of accuracy and deliverability.

Reach them at the right time — before your competitors do

Our Life Stage data will help you identify customers and prospects in the midst of pivotal change — such as those about to turn 65, for example.

  • Compiled from numerous top sources: public records, transaction-based, self-reported
  • Accurately reflects the current, dynamic state of U.S. households
  • Empowers you to increase the relevance and timeliness of your Medicare insurance offers

Nearly 20 years of healthcare marketing success

From predicting prospect propensities to launching eHealth initiatives, we know you need a continuous stream of actionable consumer data to run your programs. AccuData has helped many of the industry’s leading healthcare organizations sharpen their database management techniques to uncover powerful indicators and provide a more complete view of customers and prospects.

Partner with AccuData’s experienced team to gain a major competitive edge: we’ll help you reach the hottest, most qualified prospects — before your competitors even know they exist.

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