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Printers & Mailers

Expand your business with mailing list and database services: become a one-stop data resource center.

The Challenge

  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Work with a sales force that's at full capacity
  • Change client perceptions of your capabilities

The Need

  • Enhance your knowledge of data and database marketing
  • Limit your investment in new technologies
  • Readily access high-quality lists for your clients
  • Help your clients better understand their customers and find new prospects

The Benefits of Printers and Mailers

  • Use and private-label AccuData® products and solutions to expand your services, without over-extending your sales team
  • Use our industry and database marketing expertise to power client marketing efforts
  • Access the highest-quality data right from your desktop
  • Leverage our relationships with the industry's most trusted vendors

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Comprehensive data resources and database services are easy to provide to your clients when you partner with AccuData®. Use our customized technology to expand your current service capabilities and add lucrative new sources of revenue.

Now you can offer your clients targeted mailing lists, data and address hygiene services and data enhancement services. Our Data On Demand options help you seamlessly integrate data with front end, web-to-print user interfaces.

Specialized Printing and Mailing Industry Expertise To Enhance Your Client Results

AccuData® devotes an entire specialized division to the mailing and printing industry. Our team of seasoned experts has partnered with many of the nation’s leading printing and mail fulfillment firms…800 total as of latest count. All enjoy AccuData®’s unique advantages: our signature approach to service, excellent pricing, rapid turnaround and strong return on investment.

Thanks to strong relationships with the industry’s most respected vendors, you’ll enjoy the best solutions from over 400 data sources that can make a real difference in your client’s next campaign.

By using a full range of data resources, powerful marketing analytics and advanced customer database technology to accurately target qualified buyers, we’ll help you focus on solving your customer’s biggest marketing challenges. Plus assure you highly competitive pricing that will reward your enhanced efforts with strong ROI.

Contact us at 800-732-3440 or use our Request Information form.

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