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Targeting Buyers Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

AccuData® brings you a full range of data resources, marketing analytics, digital marketing solutions and database marketing technology to help you accurately and powerfully target the best-qualified buyers and increase your ROI performance at every key stage. These tools produce the numbers you seek. They inspire confidence in what you do.

Our full suite of integrated products and marketing services were developed by seasoned direct marketing professionals who understand how you do business. You’ll find our consultative approach helps you uncover profitable new opportunities at every stage of your customer lifecycle.

Data Resources

All data is not created equal, and neither are the companies that provide the valuable data resources you need to power your marketing efforts. AccuData offers instant access to the most complete set of business and consumer data in the industry, along with an unmatched commitment to service and your success.
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Digital Marketing Solutions

Increasing brand awareness, prospecting for new business, boosting customer loyalty, whatever the goal, as a marketer, you need to achieve enhanced ROI as you expand your reach through digital marketing. We can support your digital marketing efforts by helping you develop your campaign strategy so you can meet your goals. We’ll help by managing and executing your campaigns and reporting metrics that will help you measure and optimize your future marketing efforts.
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Marketing Analytics

With four unique marketing analytics solutions, from basic customer profiling to highly advanced, customized data modeling, you can select the one that best suits your needs. And, no matter which model you choose, you can count on your AccuData team to help you understand how the results can help you increase your Marketing ROI.
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Database Marketing

Designed by direct marketers for marketers, the AccuData suite of powerful, cutting-edge technology services and solutions delivers fast, flexible and scalable database management systems designed to fit your marketing specifications.And then there’s the benefit of partnering with experienced AccuData consultants who help you plan, analyze and work to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, regardless of the amount of data or complexity.
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