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Data Resources

High-quality databases and a wide selection of leading consumer, business and resident/occupant data

The Challenge

  • Making data available to customers without requiring them to leave your website
  • Accommodating customers who need to access multiple data sets, but don't want to manage multiple data partners
  • Preventing other vendors from getting your customer's data sales

The Need

  • Expand business offerings to meet the needs of new vertical markets
  • Maintain control of brand identity
  • Offer a comprehensive data solution for customers that’s flexible and easy to implement
  • Flexible and easy to implement solution
  • Provide a compelling reason for customers to return repeatedly

The Benefits

  • Build a data sales site customized to your brand specifications
  • Integrate it into your technology or choose hosting through AccuData®
  • Gain more data choices and the right mix of selects to match your customers' needs
  • Boost business and customer stickiness

All data is not created equal, and neither are the companies that provide the valuable data resources you need to power your marketing efforts. AccuData offers instant access to the most complete set of business and consumer data in the industry, along with an unmatched commitment to service and your success.

Data Cards

AccuData’s data cards provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the lists that may determine the success of your direct marketing campaigns. We offer access to virtually every major compiled file available today, as well as a host of specialty files and lists. Our Data Specialists are on hand to consult with you about all of your list needs.
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Lists & Leads

AccuData assures you an extensive selection of business and consumer mailing lists that fit your targeted channels and objectives to drive more qualified sales leads.
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Custom Data Processing

Our experienced Custom Data processors can develop unique data marketing lists your competitors don’t have. Don’t miss this powerful direct marketing advantage.
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SourcePLUS draws better data from more sources offering a unique way to keep your campaigns fresh and productive.
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