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Custom Data Processing

Get more competitive with the custom development of lists and data applications.

The Challenge

  • The data you need is not available off the shelf
  • More sophisticated data processing is needed to achieve your objectives
  • Internal resources lack the skills or time

The Need

  • Sophisticated data processing skills and technology
  • The ability to combine and manipulate disparate data sources to run more efficient campaigns
  • A marketing partner who can help you now

Data Resources

Develop unique consumer and business marketing lists and data applications

Direct marketing success in a crowded marketplace usually demands more than off-the-shelf data processing products. While these pre-packaged solutions certainly have their merits, ensuring your business a real competitive edge usually requires something more — especially when your marketing campaigns require complex data processing.

Power Your Direct Marketing with Unique Mailing Lists

AccuData®’s experienced Custom Data Processors can develop unique data marketing lists your competitors don’t have. That’s a powerful direct marketing advantage.

Custom Reporting and Data Analysis

Our professionals know how to locate, combine, manipulate and transform the most complex data in new ways to reveal critical new insights into your internal processes and operations. We’ll build custom reports for you and conduct unique data analytics to strengthen your campaigns. Few marketers have the senior-level resources internally to handle complex strategies like these…especially with timely turnaround.

More than 5,000 clients spanning dozens of different industries rely on AccuData’s proven data marketing list expertise to drive better response and ROI performance. Discover what we can do for you too.

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