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Validation is a vital step in your email marketing program


  • Validate email addresses to keep your marketing data clean
  • Protect and improve your IP reputation
  • Increase your chances to make it to the inbox

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Improve the performance of your email database with a validation solution that won’t slow you down. The AccuValid email validation platform enables you to validate email addresses on your websites, databases, CRM systems or from within the AccuValid application.

Save your resources and your mailing reputation by ensuring you are not attempting to communicate with bad email addresses. AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other ISP’s monitor your emailing habits and assign sender scores, setting your IP reputation. Your sender score determines how much your email is filtered or whether your IP could become blacklisted. AccuValid identifies invalid email addresses and known ‘spam traps’, and identifies improperly formatted emails. Use AccuValid to identify problem email addresses, help you improve your sender score and protect your IP reputation.

AccuValid helps you by:

  • Identifying invalid email addresses and known ‘spam traps’
  • Identifying improperly formatted emails and, through a list append, can replace bad emails

These measures will:

  • Protect you against blacklisting
  • Elevate your IP/domain reputation
  • Reduce list attrition
  • Increase the likelihood of inbox delivery

AccuValid – Fast Service, Comprehensive Results

Through our multi-step process, we execute a complex set of algorithms that test and identify each email
address independently to ensure that it is viable for mailing.

Through batch delivery or API, you’ll receive secure, easy and fast email validation service.

  • The AccuValid API will return immediate results when the user enters their email address through your web forms – try it at
  • The batch solution will return a full report with your customer database that includes seven specific results to help you have a clear picture of your data. Some examples of the types of validation we complete are:
    • Verify whether the email address is valid or invalid – is valid, while j~smith@abc,com is not
    • Verify DNS – “Will the host even accept this email?”
    • Identify Problem emails – AccuValid can identify all known ‘spam traps’, ‘honeypots’, and ‘screamers’
    • Identify “role-based” email addresses such as or
    • Identify email address syntax errors
    • Identify Unknown email addresses

Use AccuValid to help you maintain a clean email database, protect your sending reputation and increase your chances of making it to the inbox.

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