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Family Ties

Finding prospect relationships that extends beyond the traditional family


  • Enables companies to reach highly responsive audiences that were previously untargetable
  • Allows companies to recognize and market to previously unknown family relationships within a customer base
  • Improves campaign performance by reaching high-propensity prospects

Data Resources

Being able to recognize customer and prospect relationships that extend beyond the traditional definition of a household is often difficult. This is because most marketing databases gather only individual, account or household information.

Yet, the influence that an extended family member can have on the purchasing decisions of your customers and prospects is often significant. This situation – particularly the lack of acquisition tools to help recognize and appropriately communicate with these high value stakeholders – has prevented many marketers from expanding their markets.

Influencing the influencers

The key to addressing this challenge is to reach extended family members that often make decisions that impact not only themselves, but other generations as well. Whether it is grandparents who invest in college savings for their grandchildren or adult children making long-term care choices for their parents, these extended family members are an important target for marketers. However, until recently, these influencers have been virtually unreachable.

That’s why AccuData offers the Family Ties customer acquisition tool. It helps companies accurately and appropriately reach extended family members who may be involved in the purchase decisions of products and services – such as life insurance, education savings, and estate and inheritance planning services.

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