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Lists & Leads

Accudata® makes knowing the nuances of each mailing list a priority - our decades of experience becomes yours through a partnership that focuses on your success.

The Challenge

  • Discover new data sources
  • Increase available prospect universe
  • Remedy list fatigue

The Need

  • Benefit from focused targeting
  • Access unbiased data recommendations
  • Expand marketing channels

The Bottom Line

  • Optimize mailing campaigns
  • Realize increased ROI
  • Support from the industry's brightest data experts

Data Resources

Targeted lists to fit your channel and objectives including consumer, business, res/occ, specialty and response data

Sales leads are more than names on a mailing label. You know they’re the future of your business: an opening to new revenue streams. The right mailing list drives these qualified sales leads…and AccuData helps you get there.

Mailing Lists to Fit Your Channel and Your Objectives

Whether you need to saturate a specific area of the country or focus exclusively on key demographics/firmagraphics, you’ll gain much wider access to more qualified buyers through our Lists and Leads service. All the industry-leading data partners are available to you, along with impartial recommendations and exceptional client service honed through decades of proven mail list and database marketing success.

Targeted Consumer and Business Mailing Lists:

  • Resident Occupant: Sourced from U.S. Postal Service: benefit from postal discounts through saturation.
  • Consumer Mailing: When it’s essential to reach the right person at the right address, these targeted consumer mailing lists identify economically-active consumers with actionable demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional information.
  • Business Mailing: Like consumers, businesses have specific needs best addressed through a detailed approach to relevant firmagraphics. Select businesses by industry, decision makers, employee size, sales volume, and other attributes.
  • Specialty Mailing: Go beyond traditional business and consumer mailing lists, with highly-focused niches: ailments, email addresses for prospecting, life event triggers, new homeowners, state licensed professionals, and many more.
  • Response Mailing: Contact strong responders who donated to specific charities, purchased from certain catalogs, or subscribed to particular magazines.

Consultative Support Every Step of the Way

We listen and work closely with you to understand your goals and requirements for each campaign. Only after fully understanding your project scope, do we then launch into detailed research to identify the right targeted business or consumer mailing lists in your specified channels. From initial contact to post-delivery support, we are engaged every step of the way to ensure we help you achieve your campaign outcomes. Put decades of mail list experience to your profitable advantage: with a partnership that focuses on your success.

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