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National Auto List

The nation’s largest consumer automotive database of over 165 million automobiles, motorcycles, and boats


  • Provides the nation’s most comprehensive source of consumer auto data
  • Ensures the highest degree of data accuracy with monthly updates and triple verification
  • Meets all DMA privacy and security compliance requirements

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More data, more opportunity

AccuData is the exclusive reseller of the Compact National Auto List, the nation’s largest consumer automotive database of over 165 million automobiles, motorcycles, and boats. The database is compiled from an extensive, proprietary collection of after-market auto services, such as insurance, warranties, vehicle maintenance, as well as driver statistics, manufacturer promotions, title services, online sources, parts providers, and public records.

Most other compilers only collect data at the ZIP + 4 level, making the Compact National Auto List a much more effective way to target vehicle owners.

Ensure you are in full compliance with consumer data legislation such as the 1994 Driver Privacy Protection Act and the 2000 Shelby Amendment. For years, both laws have forced you to search for new ways to reach consumers since it is no longer permissible to use compiled DMV data without the auto owner’s consent. The Compact National Auto List is a great solution to make your job, as an automobile marketer, easier.

Both Quality and Quantity

What sets the National Auto List apart is that it provides both the highest level of data quality and the most comprehensive source of consumer vehicle information available today.

Approximate Number of Vehicles

  • 152 million automobiles
  • Nearly 8 million motorcycles
  • Nearly 5.5 million boats

Data Sources

  • Auto service and repair providers
  • Quick lube/oil change shops
  • Auto parts providers
  • Auto after-market accessories companies
  • Warranty firms
  • After-market sources

All data is triple-verified for accuracy and includes only records with a vehicle’s complete make and model, and/or a VIN. (However, please note that VIN numbers are not included in output documents.)

Data Select Options

Auto Selects

  • Manufacturer
  • Style
  • Year
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Number of Vehicles

Boat Selects

  • Length
  • Year
  • Type
  • Hull Material

Motorcycle Selects

  • Manufacturer
  • Style
  • Year
  • Purchase Date

Consumer Selects

  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Income
  • Age

The National Auto List is also processed through NCOALink®, CASS ™ certification, and Deceased Suppression on a monthly basis. We ensure full compliance with DMA privacy and security standards. To protect against identity theft, we never keep personally identifiable information file – such as Social Security Numbers, credit card details, FICO scores, or driver’s license data. In addition, our files are housed in a state-of-the-art facility with electronic security throughout.

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