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Breathe new life into your marketing campaigns, fast!


  • Experience up to 20% lift from your original data source
  • Access multiple data sources to cost-effectively increase your B2C and B2B prospect universe
  • Includes NCOALINK® processing to ensure accuracy as well as Move Update compliance

Data Resources

Have your marketing campaigns started to plateau? You’ve tested your strategies, creative and content and even re-examined your target audience? Your programs may be suffering from list fatigue. Improve your direct marketing campaigns with proprietary multi-sourced list selection technology. AccuData’s SourcePLUS allows you to access not only the best data, but also the most data assets available through a single provider. By leveraging multiple consumer and business databases that are compiled from a number of different sources, we offer a broad range of demographic, firmographic, and geographic selection capabilities. If your campaigns need to be revitalized, SourcePLUS can help increase your access to unique records that can widen your prospect universe – and breathe new life into your campaigns.

Find Unique Records that Help Improve Campaign Performance

SourcePLUS also features powerful merge/purge capabilities, enabling us to provide records that are unique to each data source. Incremental lift boosts your reach, and because of our scale, we can give you the most competitive price.

SourcePLUS for B2C and B2B Marketing

AccuData provides specialty, multi-source solutions for every market segment, including:

  • 62 million B2B records
  • 425 million B2C records
  • Up to 20% lift over the original source data
  • 20%+ match rate on data enhancement over single source data

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