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Get a 360° view of your customers and prospects with the customized database marketing solution that helps you manage multi-channel campaigns from your desktop.

The Challenge

  • Customer data in different places on different platforms companywide
  • Multiple channels of communication with customers and/or prospects
  • Limited or no access to data and sophisticated analytics

The Need

  • Affordable, easy-to-implement hosted option to enhance and manage your database and drive your campaigns
  • Customized to your marketing growth, so you get what your organization needs
  • Quick access to customer and prospect data across multiple channels — when you need it — right from your desktop

The Benefits

  • Standardizes, cleans and centralizes marketing data
  • Fully customized to match the growth and complexity of your marketing campaigns
  • Faster and more complete back-end analysis
  • A more complete view of your customers and prospects, plus better campaign management — from your desktop

Customized hosted solution for customer or prospect database marketing

Picture yourself in total control of all your data and marketing campaigns. A few clicks and you’re looking at your target audience. A few more launches sophisticated data analytics. Click to see how your campaigns are working or to generate reports on the fly. With AccuBase™ it’s a lot easier and more affordable than you’d think.

Bring All Your Marketing Data Together, Even If It’s Scattered Across Your Company

Pulling together multiple sources of data across various platforms gives you a richer view of customer behavior. That’s all part of the power of AccuBaseSM, AccuData®’s hosted solution for customer or prospect database marketing. This robust tool allows you to quickly access and use customer and prospect data across multiple channels from your desktop without relying on your IT department. AccuBaseSM provides you with the complete view of your customer and prospect information, as well as transactional data, through database customization and analytics tools.

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