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Dirty Data and the Never-Ending Pregnancy

Something unique happens to me each and every April: I have baby. You see, by the middle of the month, I find my mail box flooded with brightly-colored, welcoming packages for me and my new bundle of joy. Each one is so sweet, filled with cherubic images of pinchable cheeks and chubby thighs. I find […]

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The Shower Curtain that Followed Me Around the Internet

Being somewhat raven-like when it comes to lovely home goods catching my eye, I was immediately captivated by the gemmy aquamarine-colored shower curtain Google recommended for me at Wayfair. I spent a few minutes coveting the thoughtfully-styled pictures and well written descriptions, reading the user reviews of the supplely-woven fabric, and upon seeing the final […]

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When Good Mailing Lists Go Bad

As much as we don’t like to admit it, good mailing lists — well-targeted, high-quality mailing lists — go bad. Understanding the causes behind increasing inaccuracies and decreasing responses can help you navigate common roadblocks and lead you toward campaign success. Issue One: List Decay Frankly, mailing lists begin to decline in quality the moment […]

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AccuData’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We were nominated by Gregory Demetriou of Lorraine Gregory Corp to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… and we accepted! In addition to accepting the challenge, AccuData will be making a donation to the Lee Memorial Health System ALS Clinic. In order to pay it forward, we’d like to nominate a few other friends to […]

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Roi Reporting

Achieve Better ROI and Create Solutions with a Predictive Model

From telecoms to finance, e-commerce to government, a predictive model is being utilized across various sectors to tackle all kinds of business problems. Companies that have yet to benefit from this practice need to examine the ways in which they can do so. For example, AccuData worked with an ad agency to help its client, a […]

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