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Jul 19

Testing Your Multi-Channel Marketing for the Greatest Impact.

Today’s consumers lead multi-channel lives. They’re on their Smartphone checking email, reading a magazine, on their desktop surfing the web. As a result, it’s important for businesses to engage in multi-channel marketing. Combining email, print,

Jun 12

It’s Back to Basics with Direct Mail Marketing

I frequently hear digital and new media evangelists compare direct mail to a dinosaur. Well that dinosaur is still alive and kicking – and extremely important. Direct mail has vital role in getting a brand’s

Apr 11

7 habits of highly effective direct marketers

Live out your imagination, not your history. – Stephen R. Covey Continuing to grow in your professional life is as simple as reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. But to continue to learn

Apr 2

Effective Email Marketing Tactics

Whether it’s for work, pleasure, or both, people spend significant amounts of time in front of their computer screens. Since one of the top activities that make up this time is email related, it’s important

Mar 14

Direct Mail to the Rescue

You may have heard that The U.S. Postal Service recently unveiled a profitability plan it hopes will reduce its annual costs by more than $22 billion by 2016. While the USPS faces a host of challenges