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Webinar: Drive Traffic with Integrated Auto Campaigns

Today’s technology-savvy consumers are doing the vast majority of their automotive research and comparison shopping online. Incorporating email and other digital channels into traditional marketing allows content to be delivered directly into the hands of these always online, prospective buyers. Join AccuData’s Marc Scott, VP of Business Development as he explores how you can expand your […]

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Webinar: Propel Your Prospecting!

Power up your prospecting and improve campaign performance with multi-sourced lists! We’ll tackle one of your biggest challenges, list fatigue, and show you how you can destroy this villain once and for all. Join AccuData’s own data heroes, Nate Petel, Robin Lee, and Alice Peck, as they host a power-packed webinar on how multi-source solutions are […]

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Senior Marketing: 5 Tips for Becoming a Senior-Friendly Marketer

Sixty-five doesn’t look as old as I thought it would, but perhaps that’s because I’m getting older! When I look at my dad, his hair is a little more on the salty side of salt and pepper and the wrinkles in his sun-warmed skin have grown a bit deeper, but that’s just on the surface. […]

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New Homeowners and the NCOA Dilemma

Over a lovely celebratory lunch with friends, I gently teased one of them that she and her husband were a hot commodity in the direct marketing list world — as new homeowners, they would soon have valuable offers from local businesses pouring in. She chuckled with delight and mused about what she might be able […]

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Dirty Data and the Never-Ending Pregnancy

Something unique happens to me each and every April: I have baby. You see, by the middle of the month, I find my mail box flooded with brightly-colored, welcoming packages for me and my new bundle of joy. Each one is so sweet, filled with cherubic images of pinchable cheeks and chubby thighs. I find […]

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