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AccuData’s Marketing Analytics Suite of Products

AccuData’s Marketing Analytics services, ranging from simple, easy-to-use profiling to sophisticated predictive analytics, were designed to help you give you the insight you need to not only understand who to target, but what to say

How to Sell Analytics (for resellers)

With over 20 years of experience as an industry leader in database marketing, AccuData has the knowledge and industry experience necessary to successfully sell and identify clients needing both simple and complex analytics solutions. During

AccuData’s Data On Demand Webinar

AccuData’s Data on Demand is a customized suite of data technologies that empowers you to provide an online data buying solution for your customers – all branded under your company’s name. Imagine being able to

Email Prospecting and Best Practices

Email prospecting is one of the fastest growing practices in marketing today.  With so many advances in email security, spam filters, and different applications and devices to view emails, it is important to make sure

Incorporating Email Marketing into your Solution Mix

Discover how to incorporate email marketing into your marketing mix and discover the reason why email marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels in the direct marketing world.  Not only learn what challenges

What is a SnapShot Profile?

In this webinar, our experts discuss the defining elements that make up our SnapShot profiles.  Learn how this powerful analytics tool profiles your best customers and identifies prospects just like them in your target geographic

AccuModel Response Webinar

AccuData’s AccuModel Response Webinar will introduce you to the newest automated predictive response model on the market. Watch this informative session to learn how AccuModel Response can help you find people who are more likely

Surviving the Q4 Crunch: Your Revenue Rescue Plan

The Q4 countdown has started, and you’re coming up short. You know your target demographic and what programs it responds to.  You need a revenue rescue plan-right away. It’s not too late to save ’08.