3 Ways to Market to Millennials and Their $200B Buying Power

Building brand loyalty with Millennials could potentially lead to increased revenue for the restaurant industry. But how do you tap into this $200 billion buying power?

1. Understand Your Customer Base

Chances are Millennials are sharing your table. Understanding this powerhouse generation’s unique blend of aspirations, backgrounds, and interests is key to creating relevant messaging and social media interactions that result in revenue for your brand. Do you have the ability to identify them?

2. Know the Millennial Mindset

Millennials’ digital tendencies supply them with a constant feed of information and communication, but often leave them craving face-to-face contact. This desire for offline social interaction and in-person engagement have Millennials looking at dining out as more of a social event than a simple meal.

Collectively, Millennials are a diverse and vibrant group of consumers in their late teens to mid-thirties who crave unique experiences and seek connectedness with friends, family, and the brands they prefer.

Millennials tend to be:

• More likely to spend money on experiences than material possessions
• Heavily influenced by their peer network and social media
• Early adapters of technology, heavy users of hand-held devices and wireless
• Loyal to brands that show appreciation
• Not typically influenced by traditional marketing
• Interested in organic and sustainably grown/harvested foods
• In search of quality products at reasonable prices

3. Craft Communications that Connect One-to-One with Millennials

Restaurants wishing to build relationships with Millennials, a group steadily increasing in number and purchasing power, need to create a brand image that attracts and satisfies their unique needs and tastes. Well-crafted communications that are personal in nature lead the way, while an emphasis on creating memorable experiences will help your establishment gain share of wallet.

For over 25 years, AccuData Integrated Marketing has been turning prospects into patrons. We partner with businesses like yours to tap into these high-value audiences then create customized marketing solutions that drive them directly to your brand. Contact Us to learn how to tap into this lucrative market!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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