4 Ways the Digital Transformation is Enhancing Customer Experience

The digital landscape may appear like rugged terrain these days, but the brands that get it right are taking their customers on a journey to new heights.

In 2018, it’s all about customer experience (CX). Here are 4 examples of savvy restaurant and retail brands using new digital technologies to enhance the customer journey:

1. Chatbots and Voice Assistants
Beauty Brands utilized a chatbot to assist holiday shoppers. By recommending gifts for people on a shopper’s list, the Beauty Brands chatbot was able to boost revenue during the busy holiday shopping season. The bot hit over 1.6 million total impressions according to the company.

The chatbot also offered coupons and exclusive savings to shoppers, thereby offering additional value to their customers. Beauty Brands leveraged this new technology to delight customers and inspire new sales.

66% of U.S. adults now use voice assistants or chatbots, according to a 2018 report by Mastercard and Mercator, and that number will only continue to rise.

Beauty Brands Chatbot

2. Twitter for Customer Support (and Ordering!)
One scroll through Domino’s Pizza’s Twitter account and you’ll see they get a lot of flak for issues with pizza delivery. You’ll also note how quickly they respond, take responsibility, apologize, and offer a way to resolve it with the customer.

And always the pizza delivery innovator, Domino’s also offers Twitter-enabled ordering.

Domino’s understands that convenience is their ultimate selling point and offers a multitude of brand/customer interaction touchpoints for ordering, order tracking, and customer support.

Domino's Twitter Ordering

3. WiFi-enabled Devices at Self-service Kiosks
Retailers like Guess understand that many customers purchase online after an in-store visit.

Guess is rolling out self-service kiosks with iPads that enable shoppers and store associates to browse various styles via the LookBook functionality, select products for immediate purchase, and order online. The iPads also help sales associates better serve customers with easy access to enhanced product and inventory information.

Sales associates have the ability to interact with customers directly on the floor and sell ‘out of stock’ items or additional products carried by the retailer. Associates can also roll the self-service kiosks into dressing rooms to visually display options and accessories to shoppers.

Having internet connected devices accessible in the store by associates is not only improving the customer experience but is also saving lost sales.

4. Machine Learning
The The North Face uses machine learning to make recommendations to online shoppers, build out profiles based on their interests, and create a personalized user experience.

Machine learning is extending the outdoor clothing retailer’s welcoming and helpful in-store reputation to the digital realm. By using machine learning, the brand can simultaneously collect data to inform website iterations and future products.

Machine learning is enhancing the customer experience by providing a one-to-one interaction between the brand and the customer.


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Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA