5 in 5: Five Things Marketers Should Be Doing Today

During these challenging times, you need quick answers to your pressing questions. We developed this 5 in 5 Series to give you 5 key takeaways packed in a quick, 5-minute read.

This series features candid advice from our Digital Marketing experts, Izzy Perez, Senior Digital Strategist, and Valerie Prudente, Digital Campaign Specialist, and was developed with our Reseller Partner in mind.

Please check back often for new topics focused on helping you survive the current situation and thrive once the economy gets moving again.

5 Things Marketers Should Be Doing Today

Based on today’s unique environment, what are the five key things Marketers should be doing right now?

  1. Focus on Social: Encourage your clients to integrate social media advertising into their marketing strategy to stay top-of-mind. Brands who do this will continue to thrive in the digital space post-pandemic.
  2. Stay Up-to-Date: Assist your clients with keeping their operating hours up to date on Google and across social media profiles to avoid any customer confusion. Bad customer experiences now will have devastating effects in the future.
  3. Provide Helpful Resources: Help your clients develop and promote resources that provide valuable information to their customers, such as guides and checklists to help them navigate new dynamics. You can develop free content as well to help your own clients, such as “how to go digital” or “how to put on a virtual event”, to build trust and credibility that will extend far into the future.
  4. Personalize Messaging: During this time, consumers and business customers alike long for genuine connection. Assist your clients with developing personal appeals to their customers or different messaging strategies for various buyer personas. Tap into the trends that are most applicable to your customers and prospects, then communicate with highly relevant communications.
  5. Prioritize Loyalty: Make marketing decisions that build goodwill and drive long-term loyalty. As consumers acquire new habits and behaviors, customer-centric messaging will encourage continuous engagement.

What other tips do you have for direct marketers who want to best serve their clients and remain effective?

  • If there is one takeaway from 2020, it’s that marketers can never be too prepared for the future and must remain nimble to update strategies and tactics on the fly.
  • Nurture your current business relationships and remain in constant communication. Speak with empathy and be sensitive to the needs of your audience as they will gravitate toward the businesses that best align with their values.
  • Use this time to clean, refine, and segment your database and perform a customer profile analysis to see who your best customers are for future marketing initiatives.

It’s time to add Digital to your Product Portfolio.
The COVID-19 situation has led to explosive digital adoption by consumers and business buyers alike. To help you keep up with demand, we offer several Digital Marketing solutions that serve as an ideal complement to your Direct Marketing product suite. When used in addition to direct mail, Email, Social Media, Digital Display, and CTV/OTT advertising serve as engaging touchpoints that increase response from your client’s target audience.

If you’re ready to offer Digital Marketing solutions to your clients with the help of our expert team, please contact us and we’ll coordinate a call with Izzy or Valerie!

Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA