5 Neat Things You Can Now Do in AccuLeads

By now, we all know that data-driven marketing is THE way to become a major player and get your company the kind of results that lead to promotions, bonuses, respect – basically everything you want from your professional life.

But, how do you get there? Data isn’t exactly easy most of the time.

In fact, CMO.com states that, “more than half (54%) of companies say their biggest challenge to data-driven marketing success is the lack of data quality and completeness.”

If you’re among the half that’s still challenged by data, AccuData Integrated Marketing offers a full suite of advanced solutions – including the ability to create a customized, unified view of your customer and prospect data.

However, if you’re not ready for such a major step yet, AccuLeads is our single most popular tool.

What is AccuLeads?

AccuLeads is the first step in data-driven targeting. It is used by a wide variety of businesses to identify new customers based on their geography or other demographic elements. Whether your goal is to simply mail to everyone in a geographic area or to refine your target audience to those most likely to make a purchase, AccuLeads provides what you need.

Put simply: AccuLeads is a marketing list builder that helps you find your next customers.

And We’ve Made It Even Better

Throughout 2019 so far, we’ve focused on improving an already-great tool to provide a streamlined experience with enhancements that are benefiting our customers:

“I was nearly in tears when I learned that I can now search across each database at once! I’ve been a heavy user of AccuLeads for over a decade and this latest enhancement is the best one yet! It saves me so much time!”

Corine, Direct Marketing Services Provider

Recently, we shared all the latest improvements in a webinar. If you missed it, here’s what you need to know:

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  1. Save Time with Power Search

Need to find households with a fireplace or families with children under the age of 5? Using the new Power Search in AccuLeads, you can easily search every available database to find your ideal target market.

  1. Store Your Favorite Demographics

Use a demographic regularly to build out your marketing lists? You can now save these to access them more easily when needed! Make creating your most common lists a cinch with this feature.

  1. Save Your Progress

If something pressing comes up midway through building your marketing list, no sweat. Simply save your count and access it again when you make it back to your desk.

  1. Suppress Current Customers

Ensure that you receive only fresh leads and not your current customers by removing them from the count. Our Customer Order Suppression feature allows you to easily upload a file and remove anyone that you don’t want to receive what you’re going to send.

  1. Use Our Enhanced Mapping

The newly-improved Mapping feature in AccuLeads gives you an easy way to create a list based on a specific geographic area – or areas – that you wish to target.

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Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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