5 Ways to Get the Most Out of AccuLeads

AccuLeads by AccuData Integrated Marketing is much more than a proprietary self-service list count and order platform (www.acculeads.com). Capable of processing data appends, running models, and mapping a mileage radius around a location, AccuLeads is a data-services powerhouse! Take a look at the following five features that can be performed with AccuLeads.

1.  Mapping Technology

AccuLead’s mapping tool allows users a great deal of flexibility in creating spatial images and plotting multiple geography points online. Data associated with mapping images is automatically imported into AccuLeads to seamlessly allow users to proceed with the count and order process. Users can manually draw a polygon map to develop highly-detailed areas of concentration, or select a map based on drive time/mile radius around each location. You can even identify see the zip codes and carrier routes associated within each drawn map.

2.  Data Appends

AccuLeads offers an automated means to add demographic information to your existing consumer or business file. Select the type of data you will append (consumer or business), upload your file of existing customers, and choose the elements you would like to add to your file. Uploading your file to AccuLeads begins a detailed matching process to ensure that you receive the most accurate data. With data append, you have a powerful marketing tool to assist with offer customization, segmentation, and improved targeting.

3.  File Suppression

You can reduce the chances of purchasing the names of your current customers by uploading your own suppression list directly into AccuLeads. Your B2B or B2C file can be uploaded into AccuLeads for suppression against future prospect list orders. AccuLeads also supports additional count and order suppressions such as Previous Order Suppression which removes records previously included in an order from the available prospect pool.

4.  Multitude of Selects for Targeting

Once a user enters AccuLeads, it quickly becomes apparent the number of selects available. Sure, you can access standard demographics such as age, income, gender, sales volume, etc. However, there’s a whole world of selects available to you that help you precisely target your audience. Need homeowners with pools? Want pet owners who also donate to charities? Choose from these and other selects to help you find those niche markets you’ve been looking for. By hyper-targeting your lists, you’ll increase your response rates while saving money marketing to those who don’t apply to your business.

5.  AccuModel Analytics for Finding Your Ideal Prospect

Did you know that you can run a Snapshot or Response Model right on AccuLeads.com? These automated tools offer more powerful insights into your customers. Which customers are more likely to respond to your offers? Which customers should you target next? Which ones have the highest revenue potential? Market to your existing customers and new prospects more effectively with information gleaned from marketing analytics.

Run a SnapShot profile and match your house file against AccuLeads’ comprehensive database to create a customized market penetration analysis. This analysis reveals more details about your customers using consumer and business demographic overlays. Then, after you’ve received your profile, run a count on AccuLeads looking for prospects with the same demographics as your best customers. Finally, order your data on AccuLeads! You can even view a sample Business or Consumer SnapShot.

Meanwhile, AccuModel Response helps you focus your efforts on individual prospects with the greatest probability to purchase your products or services. Similar to SnapShot, your file is matched against our database, then analyzed to create a customized predictive algorithm that discriminates two groups against each other such as responders vs. non-responders, renewals vs. cancels, or pain vs. unpaid, etc. A specialized report is then delivered to you that details what makes each group different from one another.

As you can see, while allowing you to run counts until you’ve segmented the perfect list, AccuLeads can do a lot more than find new prospects for your (or your clients!) campaigns. Sign in to your AccuLeads account now to take advantage of the features detailed above, or Register for a new account today!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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