5 Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences to Build Traffic and Generate Leads

Facebook advertising is in high gear! It’s quickly becoming one of the most effective channels for driving site traffic and generating leads. However, choosing the right audience based on your goals can often be a daunting task for even the most seasoned marketer. For a true multichannel customer-centric approach, deliver your Facebook ads to the same list you’re targeting in your postal, email, and display campaigns. For an expanded prospecting reach, deliver ads to audiences based on a series of common demographics.

But how do you reach these hyper targeted, highly responsive audiences on Facebook?

As a long-established leader in data acquisition and database management, AccuData Integrated Marketed has mastered the use of custom audiences on Facebook. Allowing for greater reach, increased click results, and robust social engagement, here are AccuData’s top ways to target audiences on Facebook for their clients:

Target Your Existing Customers Directly in Their Newsfeeds

AccuData matches your customer records to their respective Facebook profiles using customer email addresses, postal records, and phone numbers. By combining Facebook’s audience onboarding tools with proprietary technology from leading data compilers, AccuData can tell you how many customer records were matched. Facebook ads are then delivered directly to those customers, matching the messaging and design of your brand.

Create a Lookalike Audience for Better Engagement Potential

Your most loyal customers will become the basis of a “look-a-like” file, built using the latest Facebook and data technology. Building a lookalike file increases the propensity that your audience will respond to your next Facebook ad. Lookalike audiences can be created from virtually any source: your own customer file, followers of your Facebook page, or even those that look like your typical website visitor. (Interested in learning more about Customer Modeling and Predictive Analytics? Click here.)

Retarget Website Visitors with Customized Messages

Using a Facebook pixel that fires upon a visitor hitting your landing page, AccuData can match your website visitors to their Facebook profiles. Once you’ve built up this audience, you can then retarget your site visitors with ads on Facebook. (Ever wonder why you search for a product on a site, then see an ad for it on Facebook?) You can base which ad the audiences receive on the action they took (or didn’t take) on your website. Retarget site visitors based on the products they viewed, if they completed a purchase, or even any of those customers who simply hit your home page.

Find New Prospects Using Facebook’s Integrated Data

Facebook has an amazing array of geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral buying data at its disposal. AccuData has mastered the art of using these categories, combined with specific keyword searches to build a full prospecting universe for your ads. Start building brand awareness and converting new leads with prospects that are most likely to use your products and services, donate to your charity, or even walk into your store!

Find New Prospects Using AccuData’s Multi-sourced Data

This is what truly sets AccuData apart from the rest of the competition. AccuData has long been a trusted name in the data world. Leveraging relationships built with the world’s largest data compilers, clients are afforded access to THE MOST robust audience targeting capabilities. Data is funneled from these compilers directly into AccuData’s Facebook ad platform to provide more precise targeting capabilities to build you the perfect audience for the most impactful message. Contact AccuData today to learn more about these digital targeting capabilities!

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Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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