5 Ways You Can Improve Your Direct Marketing Campaigns in 2022

To help ring in a successful new year, here are 5 ways you can improve your clients’ direct marketing campaigns in 2022:

1. Enhance Your Targeting

Leverage AccuData’s unrivaled access to the nation’s best data, including New-Mover, Premover, and New Homeowner Data; Propensity Data on interests, buying activity, and donor history; Life-event Data; Ailment Data; Vehicle Data; Financial Data; Professional Data; and much more.

2. Expand Your Prospect Universe

Utilize our exclusive multi-source solution, SourcePLUS, to expand your client’s prospect universe by 20-50%. Ideal for reaching niche audiences and specific age groups.

3. Enable Lookalike Audiences

Perform a SnapShot Customer Profile prior to ordering a marketing list to determine the best prospects to target. It’s budget-friendly and your clients will thank you for giving them data-driven insight on their ideal customer.

4. Employ Analytics to Predict Campaign Response

Take the guesswork out of campaign performance! Before launching your next major client campaign, partner with AccuData to develop a predictive model that will determine precisely which prospects to target for the highest response possible.

5. Empower Your Campaigns with Multichannel Marketing

Don’t stop with just Direct Mail. Reach the same consumers via their inbox and on their personal devices with AccuData’s email and digital marketing solutions. It now takes an average of 8 touchpoints to make a sale.

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Written by Bianca Morgan