Being Heard Above the Noise

Email marketers are continuously striving to stay ahead of the ever-changing email platform deliverability algorithms and the all too frequent mergers and acquisitions, all while developing timely, relevant content to truly connect with their audience.

But vying for attention in the new year, and new decade, is getting harder as today’s consumer is simultaneously checking personal and business email while scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram news feeds, listening to a podcast or catching up on the latest binge-worthy show; most likely while driving, cooking dinner, taking care of their children, or some other attention-depriving act. This only means one thing – they’re most likely missing your email message.

With all the noise, how can you be sure your email is opened and read and not just trashed or completely overlooked?

What if I told you there was a solution to have guaranteed placement at the top of the inbox and higher click-through-rates than a standalone email campaign – all with a quick turnaround time and no additional setup?  This, in addition to having a strong call-to-action, attention-grabbing subject line, and mobile-responsive creative, is sure to get those multi-taskers to notice your marketing message.

Email Enhanced combines email marketing with digital marketing to deliver hyper-targeted ads across multiple devices and over a variety of media channels.

With Email Enhanced, you’re guaranteed:

  • Maximum user engagement due to the layering of your standard email message with Yahoo! Mail promotional ads and Gmail sponsored ads.
  • Additional prospects who are in-market for your product or service, who reside in your desired geography, and who match the characteristics of those being targeted in your email campaign.
  • Increased click-through rates and additional traffic to your website, all while keeping costs low for higher ROI.
  • No fraudulent traffic with AccuData’s “No Bots Guarantee”.

By reinforcing your message through contextual ads, our in-house team uses real-time bidding platforms to reach and target individuals who may not appear within your targeted email list, but who meet the criteria of your email marketing deployment.

Still not convinced?  We recently ran an Email Enhanced campaign for a Water Sports company that was running a “Summer Clearance Sale” targeted at outdoor-loving, adventure-seeking individuals in multiple surrounding areas from their locations.

Total record quantity: 35,000
Opens: 5,294
Open %:  15.13%
Clicks: 742
Click %: 2.12%

AccuData’s capabilities will target your customers and ideal prospects where they are online and where they are engaging the most. By sending your relevant marketing ads to equally relevant consumers, our marketing experts make sure they are reading the right ad at the right time.

Are you ready to ensure your marketing message is being seen? Take your email marketing to the next level with AccuData’s Email Enhanced solution.

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Written by Valerie Prudente