AccuData Delivers Data-Driven Solutions at the DMA &THEN Conference

The DMA (Direct Marketing Association), a household name in marketing for 97 years, will host the industry’s longest standing conference entitled “&THEN” this October 4-6 in Boston. For more than 20 years, AccuData Integrated Marketing has supported, networked, and exhibited at the DMA’s yearly conference with the goal of enlightening attendees with the latest data-driven innovations.

As AccuData prepares its trade show space, product lines, and super swag for the upcoming &THEN conference, let’s take a moment for a sneak peak at what you can expect from us at this year’s show!
Clients turn to AccuLeads when they need fast turnaround on counts and orders, any day, anytime. Search for prospecting lists using AccuData’s online sourcing platform at You’ll be able to access more than a billion resident/occupant, B2C, and B2B leads online and on demand. You can also access our mapping and modeling tools from the same site!

AccuData’s proprietary waterfall process known as SourcePlus creates a boost over your existing prospecting universe by sourcing multiple lists. You can even suppress your existing records from this new unique list and see up to a 20% lift from your previous list. Propelling your prospecting efforts has never been so easy! Stop by AccuData’s booth #1400 if you’re at &THEN this year to hear more about SourcePlus.

Customer Intelligence
It’s not just about “Big Data” anymore, but rather, “Smart Data”. Having smart data means knowing your customers – their demographics, lifestyle attributes, and even purchasing history. Use this newfound customer intelligence to segment your audiences and create personalized appeals. With customer intelligence, you’ll be able to optimize your marketing spends, ensuring that every dollar is spent wisely on initiatives that provide the biggest ROI.

Digital Marketing
Big things are happening in AccuData’s digital product suite. We can’t lift the veil on everything yet, but what we can tell you is that it’s BIG. I mean REALLY BIG. In addition, we’ve added a social component to our digital world through our Facebook advertising options. Have you seen those ads in your timeline? We can now place those for you and your clients! Additionally, AccuData has taken the guesswork out of email marketing with our managed email deployments. We’ll create, test, deploy, and analyze each deployment while working with you hand-in-hand on the best digital solutions for your marketing mix. Learn more about this and other digital advertising initiatives at Booth #1400 if you’re at DMA’s &THEN this year.

From our yearly exhibitor’s booth to our support of Marketing EDGE (a DMA nonprofit organization whose mission is to Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ college students in the field of marketing), AccuData thrives on being a part of the industry’s finest programs and conferences. We look forward to bringing you the biggest data-driven solutions each year, allowing you to reach your highest potential by finding more prospects and engaging existing customers while optimizing your marketing spend.

Be sure to visit AccuData at Booth 1400 at &THEN for more in-depth info, product demos, and more!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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