AccuData's New Look!

As you can see – we look a little different here at AccuData! In celebration of 30 years in business, we have developed a comprehensive branding strategy so we can better serve the needs of our clients. As part of this new strategy, we launched a new website, complete with a Knowledge Hub full of helpful resources and guides to make it easy for you to navigate through the who’s and what’s of AccuData.

We started with a new logo. A simple yet captivating image that represents our business, and most importantly highlights our three core audiences –agencies, brand marketers, and reseller partners. Our focus on simplification informed the design of our logo, resulting in an impactful representation of AccuData.

Our website was updated so that we can offer an easier experience for our clients. As an industry leader, we know that offering simple, direct information on data-driven marketing enables our clients to make smarter decisions that directly impact their bottom line. We hope our clients now feel that our site better serves their needs.

Next up: all new content and collateral to fill our new Knowledge Hub. Stay tuned!

Now, go explore our new website and see for yourself!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing