Address-Driven Digital Targeting: Digital Targeting That Was Made for Direct Marketers

Address-Driven Digital Targeting: Digital Targeting That Was Made for Direct Marketers

No more anonymous cookies and bots; this is truly the evolution of direct marketing.

In 1947, Lester Wunderman discovered that mailboxes offered a more personal connection with potential customers than general advertising had previously found possible. In 2021, direct marketers can now reach not only the mailboxes but also the connected devices within their targeted households.

This is done by using new and evolving addressable geofencing marketing tactics.

AccuData offers a suite of digital advertising solutions that start with our powerful consumer data and provide precise and accurate targeting at the household level. We call this suite our Address-Driven Digital Targeting solutions.

And while the world of digital display advertising is vast and there are many forms of audience targeting, such as website retargeting; targeting based on online behavior; lookalike audience targeting, and the targeting of custom audiences based on demographics; only our address-driven digital targeting tactics offer true household-level precision.

Just like direct marketers are accustomed to. No cookies, no bots. Just home addresses.

Pair Your Direct Mail Campaign with Any of These Address-Driven Digital Targeting Tactics to Increase Response from your Desired Households:

Addressable GeoFence

Serve engaging digital display advertising to the households in your Direct Mail campaign. Addressable GeoFence uses verified GPS and plat line data to deliver ads to consumers at the household level. This advanced technology identifies all connected devices within a household geofence and can serve standard display or video ads to those devices.

Social Display

Enhance visibility with the households in your Direct Mail campaigns by transforming your social media posts to work in the Digital Display environment. Social Display ads maintain the look and feel of the social post, and so elicit a response from an engaged, interconnected audience.

Connected TV/OTT Advertising

Captivate your target audience with video messages over a collection of the nation’s largest streaming platforms and services. With a non-skippable content format, advertisers can engage with an audience committed to the content they are consuming. CTV/OTT Ads are shown to deliver a 5-to-1 ROI.


Download our infographic to learn how to increase response from your Direct Marketing efforts by using AccuData’s Address-Driven Digital Targeting tactics.

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Written by Bianca Morgan