Another Day, Another Bogus Email Address

I’ll admit it; I’m fascinated by clever marketing and messages that get me to take action. Data-driven marketers can be very smart when it comes to capturing information about people. I browse dozens of marketing websites on a daily basis, including many social sites as well.  I’m also a sucker for a deal or a banner ad that has been personalized, strategically placed and targets me specifically. But some days I just don’t want to share my information and I just want to download the eBook, or get the coupon code or read more about the article and NOT provide my contact info.

More often than not, I’m required to provide my email address in order to reap the benefits. After an exaggerated sigh, I contemplate my two options, make up an email address or use my “junk email address” meant for these types of scenarios. I’m not gonna lie, I have used 123@hotmail every now and then when the email field is required and I absolutely do not want anyone contacting me.  I also have a feeling that I’m not the first person to confess to entering a bogus email address on web forms.

So what’s the big deal? As a consumer, not really a big deal at all.  However, on the flip side, I’m also a marketer. That means I’m fully aware of how many bogus email addresses are in the marketing database that I use every day.  Sure I’ve manually sifted through them and removed the blatantly obvious ones that don’t even include an @ sign, but that doesn’t solve all the problems when I’m trying to monitor my metrics and increase email deliverability percentages.

If you have ever struggled with a dirty database and bogus emails, I think you’ll be able to share my enthusiasm about AccuData’s latest online tool, AccuValid, which provides easy email validation. Yep, you read that right. AccuValid is an amazing tool that identifies invalid email addresses and domain names that may be flagged as undeliverable.  With a variety of specific coding options, you’ll be able to determine what email addresses should be removed from your next campaign.

And here’s more good news…in just 4 easy steps, you can improve your email marketing campaigns by increasing delivery rates!

It’s time to stop bouncing and start converting! Boost your email marketing ROI, minimize bounce rates and engage your recipients. Contact us today to learn more about AccuValid and our full suite of data driven marketing tools!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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