Are Robots the Future of Marketing?

Marketing is colliding with emerging technology at a rapid pace, and as this happens there’s growing concern – are the machines going to take over? In all likelihood, yes. However, the machines will take over the jobs that we’re not as good at anyways; things like understanding analytics might get a boost from machines. The robots won’t be able to take over uniquely human tasks that rely on creativity. Find out more with these interesting articles all about artificial intelligence and marketing:

Will A Robot Steal Your Job? How Marketers Can Thrive When Machines Rule

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“The answer isn’t to try to do what the machines do but better. The answer is to focus on what the machines can’t do.” – Jonathan David Lewis

Report: 45% of Retailers Expect To Use AI within 3 Years

“The survey also found that 45% of retailers intend to begin using artificial intelligence within three years to enhance the customer experience.” – David Kirkpatrick  Continue>>

Digital Data Overload? AI To The Rescue

“For some digital leaders in APAC, the ‘AI’ acronym looms large and daunting, but shy away from artificial intelligence at your own risk.” –                          Continue>>

What Businesses are Failing to See about AI

“Even the most sophisticated algorithms and machine learning technologies can’t replicate human creativity and ingenuity.” – Sid Shah                                          Continue>>

Can AI Help Strike the Right Emotional Tone for Content?

“Over the next couple of years, artificial intelligence (AI) could boost these efforts by pinpointing the best emotional appeal, subject matter, style, tone and sentiment to focus on.” – David Kirkpatrick                                                                                    Continue>>

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing