Next Level Targeting is here with Competitive Spend Data

Are you targeting prospects with the highest potential to spend?

If you are targeting prospects on demographic data alone, you probably are not targeting the right universe. Even lifestyle targeting, like using interest data (e.g., avid Pinterest user) and trigger data (e.g., new home buyer), is not as powerful as the newest data available: Transaction-Level Competitive Spend Data.

Transaction-Level Competitive Spend Data is powerful, multi-sourced transactional data from more than 800 companies across 60+ verticals. Verticals include apparel, fine dining, department stores, discount stores, home improvement, electronics, cruise lines, pet stores, sporting goods, shoe stores, family dining, fast food, fast casual, and many more.

Competitive Spend data allows brand marketers to identify customers and prospects who are spending money with their competitors. This valuable information allows marketers to then target “actionable audiences” for customer acquisition efforts and to optimize their marketing spend by focusing on their best potential audience who has already started on the buying journey.

Finally, you can know where your customers and prospects spend their money, how much they spend, and how often. And then use that data to target in-market buyers at the right time, using messages and methods to which they are most likely to respond.

Unsure of how you might use transaction data from your competitors?

Imagine the results of implementing the following tactics:

  • Serve display ads to individuals who recently purchased from or visited a competitor’s location. (for example, car shoppers visiting a competitors’ dealership)
  • Deliver hyper-personalized email offers to new prospects at the moment they click on emails or social media ads from a competitor (imagine serving ads about your cruise ship to travelers who have clicked on emails about cruises)
  • Advertise to your competitors’ most engaged social media fans or those who frequent your competitors’ locations (brands can hone in on restaurant diners or retail shoppers of a specific competitor’s)
  • Send hyper-targeted direct mail and email to individuals who are considering a big-ticket purchase from your direct competitor (the customer journey for purchasing a car or boat could be months, so marketers can send mail and emails to shoppers at the beginning of this journey.)

How do you identify and begin using transaction-level competitive spend data? AccuData Integrated Marketing can use this data to power your omnichannel campaigns. Trust our marketing experts to provide full-service campaign management for seamless customer communications.

To learn more about using this powerful data, download our solution sheet.

Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA