Connecting Data Science to Real-World Donor Engagement

In preparation for our upcoming exhibition at the 12th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference on August 2-4, we thought we should highlight some of our data-driven marketing solutions for nonprofits.

AccuData has helped a multitude of national and local nonprofits identify their most valuable donors and prospects through our proprietary data hygiene and descriptive and predictive modeling solutions.

Our clients have relied on us to:

  • Learn more about their current donors
  • Find prospective donors that look like their most frequent, high-value supporters
  • Target ask amounts to the appropriate audience
  • Make effective use of development budgets

Below are three of our data solutions that provide significant fundraising advantages for Nonprofits:

1. Data Quality Report
AccuData’s DQR checks the accuracy of a donor database by examining and confirming:

  • Which addresses are accurate and how many new addresses can be found
  • How accurate the phone numbers are along with how many additional phone numbers can be identified
  • The number of deceased individuals within a database
  • The number of birth dates that are available

This report can then act as a roadmap for your nonprofit to improve your donor database in order to be able to make contact with your supporters. Outdated information prevents nonprofits from reaching past supporters and can severely limit fundraising attempts.

2. AccuModel SnapShot Descriptive Profile
The Snapshot Descriptive Profile statistically analyzes an organization’s best donors against compiled data assets and creates a profile report detailing what makes them different from everyone else in the prospect universe. Using our automated service, within minutes, a donor base is matched against our comprehensive database to create a customized market penetration analysis.

The strength of SnapShot lies in its ability to provide up to 28 consumer demographic overlays, revealing more information about an organization’s donors, so development directors can communicate and fundraise more effectively.

3. AccuModel Predictive Response
The predictive AccuModel compares two groups of data, such as donors and non-donors or subscribers and non-subscribers, and builds a statistical algorithm that can be used to find more prospects with the greatest propensity to give.

This automated solution provides a report detailing what’s significant in making the two groups different. A scoring solution is included that can be used for donor prospect universe counts and list orders.

Data-Driven Fundraising Solutions
Our Data Experts are always available to interpret the results and apply the intelligence to your future campaign initiatives. In addition, our team is experienced in developing and managing full-scale omnichannel marketing campaigns from concept to completion.

Hope to see you in D.C.!
Visit us at Booth #602 to claim your free Data Quality Report to check the accuracy of your donor database.

If you’re unable to attend, contact us to discover how AccuData can help you connect data science to real-world donor engagement.

Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA