Mastering the Art of the Customer Experience

Customer experience no doubt matters – if your customers are having a bad time, they probably won’t be your customers for long. But how does marketing play a role in creating unique, positive customer experiences? It’s time to take a dive in and look at the different ways that marketing departments are and have been using customer experience:

5 Retailers That Have Made Experience Their Business

“Fast forward a few decades, and now consumers have many more choices about what they buy, how they buy, and who they buy from.” – Giselle Abramovich

Interactive Content Fuels Customer Experiences [Research]

“According to Content Marketing Institute’s latest research, nearly half (46%) of marketers surveyed are using interactive content.” – Lisa Murton Beets  Continue>>

EE set to connect campers with 4G smart tent at Glastonbury festival

“EE is pitching up a 4G smart tent at this year’s Glastonbury festival, to keep campers connected across the 900 acre site.” – Robyn Darbyshire                                Continue>>

In The Age Of Customer Experience, Content In Context Is King

“Just as Strahan does not repurpose one suit for two shows, companies should not repurpose the same content for multiple platforms.” – Giselle Abramovich                   Continue>>

Innovation Lessons From The World’s First Customer Experience Pioneer — Infograph

“One of the biggest heroes of modern customer experience likely isn’t someone you’ve heard of before, but the rags to riches tale of Harry Selfridge is as educational as it is fascinating.” – Blake Morgan                                                                                      Continue>>

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing