Data Silos Can Stymie Your Marketing

In a prior life, I worked for a company that had a fairly large marketing department that became notorious for building silos within each department. It seemed as if the print team was unaware of what the digital team was working on, and the communications team was removed from the research and analytics team.  I often joked that when I went to work, I was on a completely different planet than the rest of the marketing teams.

It was only a matter of time before new leadership arrived and the focus was on breaking down the internal silos. It’s a necessity because in today’s marketing environment there is constant pressure to achieve more results with the same or fewer resources. The same can be said about data silos and the need for data integration.

Fast forward five years…I now work at AccuData Integrated Marketing, a true data-driven marketing company, and I’ve learned a fair share about the intricacies of data silos. Data silos can not only hinder productivity but also negatively impact data integrity. When two or more in-house silos exist for similar data, their contents are likely to differ, creating confusion as to which represents the most up-to-date version. As a result, the most recent data may accidentally get overwritten with outdated or less relevant data.

Consider the fact that multiple departments may be collecting different data about your customers such as transaction history, response to various marketing campaigns, focus groups or even qualitative versus quantitative data collection.  All of this information is important, but may reside in different departments that don’t communicate with each other. That’s just some of the many obstacles with data silos.

Marketers know that having access to customer data is key for successful marketing campaigns.  Yet, when asked what their greatest challenges were when building and executing campaigns, the number one response was the inability to leverage all of their marketing data. While they understand the need to consolidate and centralize data, many marketers are not quite sure where to begin.

Enter AccuData. As consumer expectations continue to evolve and technology gets more sophisticated (and complicated), it’s now more important than ever for marketers to have access to complete, current customer data that can provide a more personalized, relevant and overall seamless experience.  Marketers that have more complete data have a much better chance of increasing revenue, boosting brand awareness and promoting customer loyalty.

I’m proud to be a part of the AccuData team of experts that can provide this level of expertise. Let us help you break down the data silos that may exist in your organization and develop a plan for data integration and data management.  Breaking down data silos will help deliver instant insights into your customer database that enable real-time decision making and the ability to optimize your marketing campaigns.

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Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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