Create High-Converting Campaigns with Digital Channels

Stepping off into unknown territory is never easy, and for many traditional printers it’s fair to wonder if you even really need to start offering digital options for your clients. After all, you’re delivering good results and doing what you do best, so what’s the big deal – right?  While mail isn’t going anywhere (despite the all-too-common predictions that it’s going to die any day now), continuing to ignore digital channels means losing money – and potentially losing clients to your competition.

According to the DMA, 7-13 touches are needed to create a conversion

While mail gets responses – even great responses – without the additional touch points that digital channels allow you to add, your client campaigns may not meet the benchmark needed to create conversions. When you want to add additional revenue, reach online Millennial audiences and create high-converting campaigns, you should include more channels.

Three common ways to add channels to your campaigns are by using email, digital and social. Let’s talk about each of these and how they benefit direct marketing campaigns.

Adding Emails to Your Postal Campaigns

Statistics about email revenue and conversions

As you can see from these stats, consumers not only are more likely to make a purchase but also to spend more money on that purchase when they are marketed to via emails. Email marketing is a powerful way to increase the results you are getting for client campaigns, and it’s simple too. Once you already have a perfected postal piece ready to go, services like the ones offered by AccuData can help you create a matching email message that stays on-brand and on-topic to boost your results!

You can target the same households and individuals you are mailing to with email marketing messages that are sure to help keep offers top of mind.

Plus, if you want to take it a step further you also can serve these same people digital display ads!

Using Digital Display Ads in Campaigns

Statistics about digital display advertising revenue and conversions

Although people still check the mail religiously, adding digital channels increases your responses and also makes prospects more likely to convert. This makes digital display ads a valuable addition to your business.

Here are some different ways to consider using digital display ads:

  • Targeting the same households or individuals you are sending mailed pieces
  • Adding second or even third channels to a campaign by combining with print and email marketing messages
  • Keeping your offers in front of an audience on-the-go by targeting laptops and smart devices

Digital display ads give you a variety of unique options both for capturing an audience’s attention and for adding new channels to campaigns.

Capturing Attention on Social Media

Statistics about social media advertising

Another great way to reach your target audience is by grabbing their attention where they go most – on social channels! Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to reach a target audience right in the feeds they are checking. Combined with print, email messaging and other channels, social helps promote your brand and creates further awareness. Facebook users are spending and it’s easier than ever to make purchases right on the platform.

Find Out More about Multichannel!

If you’re interested in adding digital channels to your campaigns, you can learn more by watching our in-depth webinar today.

Our experts are standing by to assist you with each of the digital channels outlined and can make it simple for you to grow your business by getting a share of marketers’ digital budgets. Contact us, and we’ll show you how we can help!


Written by Ellis Williams