Digital channels are buzzing recently as advertising spends increase and digital leaders create new strategies to entice customers. Many marketers are increasing budgets to include more digital spend, so it’s important to understand the types of advertising available and how you can take advantage of these outlets. Let’s take a look at how brands are using digital channels and digital advertising successfully:

Study: Social media spending increased 40% in Q2

“Carousel ads in particular helped improved social media clickthrough rates.” – David Kirkpatrick    Continue>>

Does Snark = Sales? What Consumers REALLY Want from Brands on Social Media

“Are we here to get featured on Buzzfeed, or to generate revenue? Does the snark really translate to sales?” – Joshua Nite  Continue>>

What boycott? Alphabet’s ad revenue tops $22B on YouTube, mobile search strength

Alphabet executives are crediting YouTube for strong revenue. Find out more!                         Continue>>

8 Digital Leadership Lessons From A Beach House Renovation

“But at the same time, doing this home renovation also provided a wealth of lessons for those of us in digital leadership. How so?” – Allen Bonde   Continue>>

Hair care and color brands embrace strong mobile, digital marketing strategies

“The success of beauty and hair care brands is also fueled by efforts to seek out customers beyond the confines of brick-and-mortar.” – David Kirkpatrick                                                       Continue>>

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing