4 Awesome Examples of How to Do Direct Mail Right

Like most people (98% of consumers if we want to be specific), I check my mail box every day. Usually, after dropping off my stuff, it is my first stop as soon as I get back to my apartment. My next step is standing in front of my mail box sorting, and here’s the kicker: about half of what I get never even makes it back upstairs to my apartment. I’m not a relentless coupon person, so those mailers always go straight to the trash. Ditto every credit card offer.

So, when it comes to cutting through the clutter, I’ve collected a few direct mail examples of people who are doing it right – things that are personally relevant and interesting enough that I held onto it or made a purchase.

Mother’s Day Coupon for Shari’s Berries

Shari's Berries Mother's Day Mail with Coupon

A few weeks before Mother’s Day, I received this little gem in my mail. It was perfect timing – I still hadn’t decided what to buy and I love sending Shari’s Berries to relatives who live out of town. I’d also sent Shari’s Berries in the past and it was a hit! As soon as I saw 25% off and the Mother’s Day theme, it sounded exactly like what I needed. Essentially, this piece of mail was so relevant for what I needed at the time (a Mother’s Day gift) that there was no way it was getting ignored.

Along these lines, another great tactic that I experienced this Mother’s Day was receiving a direct call from Edible Arrangements. By that time, it was too late, but it still stands out as a good way to get a sale.

Target’s Birthday Card

Target Optical Birthday Mail with Coupon

Not only did Target’s optical department send me a happy birthday, which is always nice to get, but they also found a prospect in desperate desire of a new set of specks. I’m not entirely sure how they knew this, but between my online browsing for glasses or even my connection to Target – I’m a red card holder and regularly use their cartwheel app for coupons – I’m guessing they knew I was in the market for glasses. I was already planning to buy myself a new pair for my birthday, but of course hadn’t decided what type or where to go – then this came in. Now, I have a lot of extra incentive to make my way to the Target down the road and explore their selection! The relevancy of holiday marketing pieces like this one or my Mother’s Day example above simply can’t be overstated.

Moo Mailer

Moo Mail with Sample Business Card and Coupon

Now, this example is completely different from the previous two above – I mainly kept it because it was pretty. Honestly, it just stood out in the sea of my mail enough that I opened, realized it contained a coupon and decided it was worth bringing upstairs for further contemplation. I’ve snapped this photo of the inside for you because while the cover art (which includes “Open me” and “Styled for you” on it) was intriguing, the inside won me over.

I’m the kind of person who likes to still read on paper and physical books; I enjoy the tactical experience of holding things in my hands – so putting a snazzy gold business card right in front of me that had little ridges and literally said “You feeling me?” was a great way to grab my attention. Even the coupon talks, saying “Grab me. Grab 15% off.” Basically, what I’m saying is that this isn’t a piece of mail – it’s an experience, and a positive one. More mail should strive for this standard (even though I’m sure it was expensive to put together).

HelloFresh Personalized Mail

HelloFresh Personalized Mail with Recipe and Coupon

This last example is my personal favorite – a super personalized approach using my first name from HelloFresh that includes a letter to me and a cute little sticky note to me as well. A few months ago, I tried out the direct competitors for HelloFresh, called Blue Apron. I actually enjoyed the grocery service quite a bit, but obviously decided to take a break from it. Now, I have the chance to try out a HelloFresh recipe for myself to see if I want to get their grocery deliveries. What I love about this is that it shows they’ve got a list of prospects who are interested in their service (great job targeting) and they took the time to put together a good, personalized offer. It gives me the opportunity to try before I buy, and an incentive to get at least two boxes from them for $25 off of each.

Doing Direct Mail Right

All of these examples show great thought and strategy for what the companies are hoping to accomplish, and it’s this kind of approach that can help you and your clients win more business. The last one is perhaps the best example, but every one of these pieces also relies on data – they know that I’ve purchased a grocery subscription in the past so they’re trying to get me to do it again, or they know that I like to send food for holidays so they’re trying to get me to do it again.

This type of data can help every effort because it ensures that you’re reaching a group of people who are likely to engage with what you’re marketing. Always, always, make sure that you’ve got the right data to segment and target your efforts, and you too can make awesome direct mail campaigns like these!

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Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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