Five Ways to get the Best Results from Your Email Campaign

In any given week, we see hundreds of email campaigns on our AimConnect platform. Many are successfully designed and well thought through. Others are still following the [email] blast from the past approach. With this in mind, we present several key opportunities to get the best results from your email campaign.

Utilize Responsive Design

More than half of all email messages are opened on a mobile device, which means your email creative is being viewed at roughly half the size it was probably designed for. Coding emails to respond to the viewing device is the premise of responsive design. It’s a little tricky because you have to think through the different viewing scenarios, and then compile the CSS styling for each. But doing this ensures your message will look its best whenever and wherever the recipient reads your email.

Establish Relevant Tracking

Sends. Opens. Clicks. What do they really mean? Although they can provide meaningful statistics for deliverability and engagement, they don’t necessarily measure success. Measuring success lies within an understanding of your call to action (CTA). Call to actions such as “Call now” or “Stop in today” direct recipients to respond offline. When this is the case, there’s no reason for the recipient to click on your email, so click-through rates (CTR) look abysmal.

If you’re looking to measure success online, be sure your CTA directs a click; otherwise, be sure to have an offline tracking method, such as promo code specifically tied to the email campaign.

Create a Landing Page

As we discussed above, it’s quite possible your call to action is intended to drive an offline response. When this is the case, it’s hard to quantitatively measure engagement or know whether your offer was of any interest. Creating a landing page tied to your email campaign, gives you a trackable way to determine interest.

Use the landing page to host important redemption information, like the actual promo code. A click to this page will help gauge offer interest. Use this as a comparison measurement to the actual (offline) redemption. (P.S. Don’t forget to optimize your landing page for mobile viewing.)

Test Your Options

Not sure about a subject line? Wondering whether to go with red versus green? When you’re not exactly sure, test. Email is an easy channel to leverage when testing all sorts of things such as subject lines, offer types, or times of day.

A very helpful feature of the AimConnect email platform, is A/B split testing. You can create multiple versions of your email and deploy it to a single list. The system randomly deploys each version to an equal sampling of recipients. After a scheduled period of time, the version with the best response “wins”, and the remaining emails are deployed using that version.

Add Brand-Building Value

How are you using email? To discount your product? Or to add value and build your brand? If every email you send is a promotional discount, you could be cannibalizing the value of your product; or worse, conditioning your recipients to ignore your emails when they’re not in “purchase mode”. Strike a balance with your content that keeps your recipients interested and engaged.

Want to know more?

We’ll be exploring these topics in greater detail in the months ahead. In the meantime, contact us for more information and special offers on creative optimization and deployment of your next email campaign.

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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