As the year comes to a close, AccuData Integrated Marketing would like to take a moment to reflect on our successes this year. Our team of Marketing and Data Experts is quite proud of the work we’ve accomplished for our clients. We also developed some engaging content, including a new video series, informative white papers, and creative infographics.

Take a look at some of this year’s best work:

Awesome Client Success Stories
AccuData helped several brands grow this year through hyper-targeted customer acquisition strategies. Here are just a few examples of some amazing results:

See how La-Z-Boy earned $2.2MM in associated sales revenue:
Through a hyper-local email acquisition strategy, La-Z-Boy was able to reach relevant customer segments, rapidly increase store traffic and reinvigorate sales

Learn how this luxury car dealer used people-based marketing to gain $13MM:
A people-based multichannel marketing campaign attracted new clients and connected with current clientele to increase new sales and service transactions

Discover how Mattress World garnered 300K impressions with hyper-local marketing:
A hyper-targeted digital marketing campaign utilized demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data to attract new shoppers with a special promotion

New Video Series Launched
AccuData sought a new way to showcase our team’s expertise this year and found video to be the best way to share helpful tips and strategies with our clients and followers. And so, Ed Talks was born! Named after our Senior Vice President of Product Management & Strategic Partnerships and long-time AccuData team member, Ed Giordano, our Ed Talks series provides smart data strategies in 60-seconds.

To see our full library of Ed Talks videos, watch here. And stay tuned for more videos in 2018!

Most Downloaded White Paper
AccuData’s internal Marketing Team did a phenomenal job this year of producing informative and engaging content, including case studies, white papers, eBooks, infographics and more. Perhaps our most popular content this year was our Go-To Guide to Engaging Millennial and Gen Z Audiences.

If you represent a retail or restaurant brand, this guide is for you! It is chock full of stats and facts about Generations Y and Z and has loads of tips that restaurant and retail marketers and operators can implement to get and keep these coveted customers.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for?

Most Viewed Infographic
Did you know that website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert? Did you also know that business name searches increased 1,046% after businesses used site retargeting? How about that 26% of customers will return to a site through retargeting?

For these facts and five ways to use digital retargeting, including ways you may not have considered, check out AccuData’s most downloaded infographic of the year, 5 Ways to Use Digital Retargeting.

Now you can enhance your digital marketing through digital retargeting in 2018!


Did your marketing team have any big wins in 2017? Please share!

Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA