While a lot of attention gets paid to the up-and-coming Millennials, Baby Boomers still represent a significant share of the market. Using smart data processes and selections, you can make your marketing to seniors to effective as your target this generation about different services and products.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment season will be here before you know it, so for those in the financial and healthcare sectors, it’s important to start identifying an audience of seniors. Data selections like these can help you target the perfect audience for Medicare Open Enrollment:

  • Medicare Advantage Plan Purchaser
  • Medicare Dual Eligible Household
  • Medicare Plan D Prescription Drug Purchaser
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance Purchaser
  • Obtain Medical Insurance from Medicare
  • Interested in Medicare
  • Medicare Coverage

Additionally, AccuData’s SourcePLUS process can help you increase your marketing list even further. Using SourcePLUS, you can identify eligible Medicare prospects to increase your reach by up to 46% more than single data sources. Additionally, you can increase prospects for people turning 65 throughout the year by as much as 49%.

Family-based Marketing

Another great way to sell products and services to seniors is by using family connections – either to help adult children find ways to assist senior relatives or by targeting seniors with items that their children and grandchildren would appreciate.

You can create audiences to suit your needs with data including these options:

  • Grandparent Flag
  • Grandchildren’s Age Ranges
  • Adult with Senior Older Relative
  • Adult with Wealthy Older Relative
  • Relative Type (used for identifying younger or older relatives)

Using these family-based marketing selections is ideal for gifts, senior living marketing and senior financial marketing campaigns.


Targeting seniors is only tricky when you don’t have the right options for creating your campaign. When you need smart data to make the best marketing choices, don’t forget to reach out to AccuData Integrated Marketing!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing