Personalize with Propensity Data

2019 was a big year for personalization.

Many brands have implemented some form of personalization in their direct mail, email and online campaign communications. And the savviest brands are personalizing content and images based on their customers’ demographic and transactional information.

But have you thought of using transaction-level data in your customer acquisition efforts? Personalization based on behavior-based propensity data is a great way to engage the prospects you are trying to reach.

Propensity data provides key insights into attitudes and behaviors, media usage, channel preference, and brand affinity. This unique type of data can even predict the likelihood of a consumer to pay attention to particular messages, respond to various offers, and to spend a certain amount over the course of their relationship with your brand.

AccuData Integrated Marketing has access to thousands of attributes of propensity data that can identify people who are in-market to buy a particular product, people who recently purchased a product or service, or even people who are shopping at a competitor.

Did you know? We have consumer data as specific as:

  • Consumers who respond to emails from Old Navy
  • Consumers who purchase accessories from Macy’s
  • People who consume meals out of home at Chipotle
  • Consumers who purchase apparel from New York & Co.
  • “Online Moms”
  • People who plan to go to a restaurant on Christmas Day

Propensity data enables you to provide an even more personal experience for your prospects, enabling them to engage more with your brand and produce more revenue for your company.

For more information on how to integrate propensity data into your marketing campaigns, hear from our Product Manager, Raquel Stark, in our Ed Talks video.

And when you are ready to use propensity data in your next campaign, call an AccuData expert!

Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA