Press Release: AccuData Adds In-Market Intel to its Online Behavioral Targeting Product Suite

Product Enables Marketers to Target In-Market Consumers in Real Time

FT MYERS, FL, June 1, 2020 – AccuData Integrated Marketing, a leading provider of data-driven marketing solutions, announced the launch of In-Market Intel, a solution that enables marketers to develop custom prospect audiences based on in-market intelligence. The product uses three innovative technologies to match mobile-location data, anonymous online behavior data, and lifestyle data to addressable consumers whose behavior deems them in-market for a brand’s products or services.

In-Market Intel works by collecting real-time shopper location data, online browsing and content consumption data, and lifestyle “trigger” data, such as a recent move or graduation, and matching it to real consumers who have opted to receive marketing offers. Once consumers are identified, marketing campaigns can be quickly deployed via email, digital display, and social channels by AccuData’s in-house digital marketing team. These campaigns can be enhanced with personalized offers based on web content consumed or on insight gleaned from appended demographic and lifestyle attributes. Daily, weekly, or monthly reporting includes full name, postal address, and email address (where available) of all matched consumers.

“Because In-Market Intel offers heightened targeting abilities, it also offers significantly higher conversion rates,” said Bree Verrengia, CEO of AccuData. “Our clients are seeing sales conversion rates that are four times their rate from other methods by using this new product. We are pleased to launch yet another powerful solution during this challenging time so that we can assist our clients with improved targeting capabilities as well as enhanced revenue opportunities for our reseller partners.”

The second in AccuData’s online behavioral targeting product suite, In-Market Intel joins Web Visitor Intel, a product that enables marketers to identify and engage with anonymous website visitors. AccuData offers a full suite of targeted data solutions as well as email and digital marketing solutions for B2C and B2B marketers, including acquisition and loyalty email marketing, social media advertising, IP/location-based targeting, and advertising via Connected TV and audio streaming platforms. AccuData enables targeting with precision by helping marketers find new customers based on demographic and lifestyle attributes, life changes, wealth and donation history, store visits and event attendance, purchase history, and online behavior.

AccuData’s Product Manager, Raquel Stark, stated “We are incredibly excited to launch a product that enables our clients heightened targeting based on actual purchase intent. As someone who has seen the consumer data industry evolve over the years, I consider this advancement to be chiefly powerful.”

To learn more about In-Market Intel, view our Product Sheet.

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