More Records? A Definite PLUS

Where would you go to find every known dog owner? Or every known person who might need a hearing aid? It’d be hard to find a single source to reach every possible prospect in these niche audiences. Probably impossible.

That’s because today’s data aggregators and compilers are working with an unprecedented volume of consumer and business data coming from a vast array of sources. Inevitably, this creates disparity in the data available from one provider to the next.

Certain sources, like public records, may be common among list providers; but expanded demographics, psychographics, and interests have to be sourced elsewhere. These proprietary sources provide the rich data necessary for strategic targeting; but they also create differences in datasets — where the strength of the data is balanced with the volume of records available.

Consequently, no single vendor will carry all possible records. So where can you source them all — the entire universe?

This is where AccuData can help.

Using SourcePLUS, we look at data available from the nation’s largest data providers; then pull unique records from each provider so you end up with the largest possible universe based on your given criteria. This proprietary list selection technology typically helps mailers see volume increases of 10-20% over a single-source list. Obviously the potential lift will vary based on the criteria, but here are a few notable examples.

Do you have an upcoming direct mail campaign? Give us a chance to maximize your prospect universe with SourcePLUS.

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Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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