Smart Data: New Compact Consumer PLUS File!

For your data needs, look no further than the Compact Consumer PLUS file. This data file offers you a comprehensive set of attributes to choose your target audience with enhanced coverage options to get your offer in the hands of prospects every time.

Compact Consumer PLUS offers a wide variety of options for finding just what you need, such as:

  • Buying Activity Data: Items Purchased, Dollars Spent on Purchases, Total Orders and Unique Number of Companies Purchased From
  • New Lifestyle Data Points:
    • Reading Types – Finance, Romance, Entertainment, Fiction, etc.
    • Sport Types – Baseball Basketball, Soccer, Football, etc.
    • Hobbies – Bird Watching, Home Study, Woodworking, Photography
    • Travel Types – Business, Cruises, Foreign, Personal, Vacation
    • Music Types – Christian, Classical, Country, Easy Listening, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll
  • New Interest Index Data: Aviation/Flying, College/Higher Education, Fitness, Travel, Tobacco, American History, Wildlife, etc.
  • 16 Personality Data Groups (similar to Myers-Briggs types)
  • 40 Segments such as Elite Suburban Couples, Affluent Families, Affluent Ethnic Couples, or Elite Urban Boomers
  • Expanded Occupation Codes (more than 300 total) including Manager Titles, Marketing, Machine Operators, Insurance and more
  • Expanded Ethnic Group Codes (more than 300 total choices) including Hungarian, Iranian, Nepal, Philippines and others
  • New Ethnicity Selects: Language Spoken, Hispanic Country of Origin
    • 150 different languages available such as Farsi, Greek, Thai, Spanish, etc.
  • Lot Size
  • Refinance Data
  • Census Tracts and Block Groups
  • Donor Activity Data:
    • Specific Types of Causes Donated To
    • Total Dollars Donated
    • Total Donations Made
    • Number of Different Charities Donated To
    • Propensity to Donate

With so many new data options, this new database offers the latest, cutting-edge options for audience targeting. Make your next campaign a success by trying the Compact Consumer PLUS file to craft your target audience.

In addition to the expanded coverage options, you can also get a great price for your clients.

Talk to us today about using Compact Consumer PLUS – the smart data you need to get great results!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing