Smart Data: Engaging Voters for Elections

The biggest factors involved in United States voter turnout are education, age and wealth. While younger voters are less likely to show up at polls, older and wealthier individuals do turn out at election time. It’s also more likely that the person in the poll station next to you has an advanced degree than a high school only education.

However, being able to identify who does and is most likely to vote in an upcoming election has obvious benefits for any political campaign.

Getting constituents to the polls to elect the official running is, after all, more than half the battle.

When you don’t want to guess which of the people whose doors you’ve knocked on are going to show up, voter data can give you better insights and metrics for understanding how to best engage voters.

Here’s a few of the available selections for identifying voters:

  • Known Voter
  • Political Party Affiliation
  • Swing Voter
  • Independent Voter
  • Democratic Voter
  • Republican Voter

Additionally, it can be useful to understand different affiliations in the voter audiences you are trying to attract.

Further analysis reveals the following voter data options:

  • Active Conservative Voter
  • Active Liberal Voter
  • Active Religious Voter
  • Environmentally Conscious Voter
  • Conservative – Will Volunteer for a Cause or Participate in Protests
  • Liberal – Will Volunteer for a Cause or Participate in Protests
  • Conservative Donor
  • Liberal Donor

By better understanding the households and individuals you are choosing to target, your campaign messages can greatly  boost their confidence in a candidate. Knowing where and how to target the environmentally conscious vs. voters who choose based on religious principles means that you can segment direct marketing pieces to attract each type of personality. Knowing how to attract potential conservative vs. liberal donors can help you win over and gain more contributions to power your political messaging.

While these data selections are valuable, there’s also a lot more that AccuData can provide to help you match individuals with connections to other households and affiliations – if you’re looking to connect the dots and create an impactful political campaign, talk to us today!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing