The Harsh Reality of Your Data

I’ve been to Vegas, Atlantic City and a few other casinos across the U.S., but I’m definitely not a big gambler. I’ve rolled some dice, said “hit me” a few times and pulled my fair share of one-armed bandits in my day.  But as of today, I haven’t been able to retire on my winnings. Safe to say, I could probably save myself a lot of aggravation if I just threw my money out the window on the way to a casino. But the fact is, I hate throwing away money!

So here’s a scary thought. Left untouched, data deteriorates at a rate of approximately 25% per year. Even if you follow every tip, trick and best practice in the book, if you’re working with dirty data, the odds of effectively reaching your audiences will be greatly reduced by inaccurate data. Trust me, it’s not like it’s entirely your fault or you can even blame someone else. Bear in mind, collected data may already be inaccurate, invalid and incomplete. Combine that with attempting to manage multiple data sources and the reality that data becomes obsolete due to other uncontrollable reasons (death, bankruptcy, moving, etc).

When you consider the costs associated with printed materials, postage, email deployment and digital ads, you’ll realize that your true cost of customer acquisition is higher due to inaccurate records, outdated information and undeliverable email and mailing addresses. That doesn’t sound like an effective way to manage your budget and brings me back to the horror of throwing money away!

Download our latest infographic to see what dirty data may be costing you! Instead of taking a gamble and relying on the data you are currently using, why not let the AccuData team of experts implement our suite of data hygiene and suppression services to ensure customer file accuracy?


Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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