This Time, it’s Hyperpersonal

The time is now to move beyond personalization in your email communications and get hyperpersonal.

The average consumer receives 500 marketing emails per month but opens only 33. How do you make sure your brand’s emails get opened? One (albeit long) word: Hyperpersonalization.

Hyperpersonalization is the real-time optimization of images, subject lines and offers based on data. Data determines how many emails subscribers receive, the best day and time to send them, the content featured in each message, and even the landing page experience. In email marketing’s future, every message truly will be designed for each individual and managed with the goal of optimization.

As subscribers have become more selective of the messages and companies with which they engage, brands have been forced to compete not only for consumers’ dollars but also for their attention. And in this on-demand world, consumers expect to see exactly what they want, when they want it.

The evolution of hyperpersonalization fosters increased engagement, which translates into conversions and sales.

According to Total Retail, retailers will look to data to drive conversations and will invest more heavily in data science to make big data actionable. Using a third-party data provider and sophisticated data analytics are the best ways to learn more about your customers in order to use hyperpersonalization in your email marketing.

Perhaps the easiest way to implement hyperpersonalization in your email marketing is to move to an Email Service Provider that is powered by machine learning. Using this emerging technology, your campaigns can listen, learn and adjust to all the data your customers and prospects provide and optimize automatically in real time.

Forrester’s study of 150 marketers found 94% of marketers are excited by the possibilities of using machine learning to optimize their campaigns but are confused by how best to implement these strategies.

If you find yourself in this category and are ready to get hyperpersonal, contact us for a consultation to see how we can make your customers’ data work for you. Hyperpersonalized campaigns through the use of machine learning can mean relevant communications, thereby increasing customer interaction and conversions which result in more revenue and higher customer lifetime value.

Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA