Can I Eat Two Pounds of Tuna Poke in Two Days?

Today I got a text message from Amazon offering me, of all things, two pounds worth of cubed albacore and ahi tuna. Two pounds of tuna poke – which they recommend be eaten within 48 hours – all for just $25. Visions of fish immediately started to dance in my head; I imagined eating tuna poke out of a grilled avocado and was hooked immediately. I suddenly discovered that I needed two pounds of tuna (a ridiculous thought that had never once occurred to me before in my life), at least as long as the “Treasure Truck” would be nearby me at some point in the day.

The Amazon Treasure Truck is just one recent way that I’ve seen companies working to cut through the constant distraction and reach customers. The very idea is filled with intrigue – a Treasure Truck filled with who-knows-what that travels around your area supplying you with everything from the latest Nintendo game station to more tuna than you’d ever considered buying before. Maybe I don’t need two pounds of tuna poke, but goodness knows I also still want to see the truck!

Breaking-Through the Everyday

Marketers should pay attention to interesting concepts like the “Treasure Truck” as a way to capture the attention of consumers. Think how powerful it is that I’ve even opted-in to get text communications direct from Amazon. It’s much easier for them to convince me to buy when I let them communicate to me the same way friends and family reach out.

However, as neat as the Amazon truck has been, another great campaign directed my way recently has come from Pottery Barn Teen. Now, confession time, as a full-grown adult I probably shouldn’t be receiving communications from “teen” stores any longer – but my intense childhood love of all things Harry Potter will probably never die. So, here is the exact object that caught my attention when they released their new line of Harry Potter-themed bedroom items:

So, there it is – my potential new jewelry cage, which is way fancier and prettier than my current jewelry box. I put this in my cart and then went back to browsing, eventually got distracted and completely forgot about it (like many other customers do regularly). Something interesting happened then – I began to see this image everywhere I went. On other websites, on Facebook, in my emails – the jewelry cage was all over the place. Because I’m way too interested in things like this, I decided to see how long they’d keep at it. It’s been a month and the ads are still going strong.

Here are a couple of the emails that I’ve gotten featuring the jewelry cage, including this awesome discount to finish my order:


Here’s an example of the Facebook ads that show up in my Facebook feed every day (without fail) since they started this campaign:

What You Can Do

While these types of tactics may seem advanced beyond what your company is capable of doing or providing, the truth is it’s not that tricky. Even the local mom n’ pop donut place has my number and sends me text discounts. Consumers expect to have the ability to choose when and how they interact with brands – whether it’s a giant like Amazon or the place right around the corner.

What you need to do is expand these options for consumers.

Digital display advertising is a simple way to keep an item (like my jewelry cage example) in front of a consumer for as long as it takes to motivate purchasing. The email follow-ups I received also are a great tactic. There’s no way I’m going to forget to buy this thing at some point, not when I get daily emails and ads about it!

If you want to set-up a campaign similar to this awesome Pottery Barn example, AccuData Integrated Marketing is here to help. We’re fully capable of creating an email with digital display retargeting to help you get a prospect’s attention. By expanding the services you offer your clients, you also can open up new areas of growth and revenue for the company.

Talk to us today about how to cut through the clutter and win more business for your clients!

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing